Who is ARC?

ARC powers the U.S.-based travel network by providing premier revenue-generating business solutions, travel agency accreditation services, process and financial management tools, and powerful data and analytics to help customers gain market insight.

ARC is the accreditation authority for U.S. travel agencies. Whatever a travel agency's individual business needs, ARC offers an accreditation option to fit. Each participant of the ARC accreditation program receives its own ARC number. An ARC number is acknowledged industry-wide as the standard, the holder reputable and reliable.

About ARC Numbers

An ARC number is a unique identifier that distinguishes each participating travel agency. Many suppliers track agency sales activity by their ARC numbers to verify participation, make commission payments and track sales volumes. Because every ARC participating travel agency receives an ARC number, joining ARC is truly the best investment you can make in your travel business.

Joining ARC

Traditionally, ARC has accredited U.S.-based travel agencies that issue airline tickets directly through our network of over 200 participating carriers. Over the last several years, ARC has launched several successful programs and services designed to meet the needs of a growing segment of agents who don't ticket directly—they may ticket through a host agency or consolidator—but still need a trusted, established industry ID, the ability to accept credit cards and process service fees, and access to commissionable travel products.

If you don't already have an ARC number and would like to receive one, you can do so either by becoming an ARC Accredited Agency or a Verified Travel Consultant (VTC).

ARC is an active Participating Organization with the PCI Security Standards CouncilTM, a global forum responsible for development and implementation of security standards for payment account holders. Learn more about PCI Data Security Standards for ARC.

For more information about ARC, please visit arccorp.com.