ARC MarketPlace Terms of Service

Welcome to the ARC MarketPlace (the "Service"). The following terms govern your use of the Service, which is owned and operated by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). Please read them carefully. THESE TERMS OF SERVICE APPLY TO ALL VISITORS TO OR USERS OF THIS SITE, AND TO ALL VISITS TO THE SITE, BOTH NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. USE OF THIS SITE AS A VISITOR OR USER EQUATES ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS OF SERVICE. If you have any questions about any of the provisions, please contact the ARC Customer Care Center at +1 855-816-8003.

As used in these Terms of Service, a "User" refers to the individual using or accessing this site and is referred to herein as "User," "you" or "your."

PLEASE BE ADVISED ARC MAY MONITOR YOUR USE OF AND ACCESS TO THE SERVICE TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH THE APPLICABLE RULES, POLICIES, DEADLINES AND INSTRUCTIONS. Anyone using this Service expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible criminal activity or unauthorized use, ARC personnel may suspend access to the Service and/or provide the evidence of such monitoring to law enforcement officials.


ARC has developed the Service through which a User may access via the internet an array of products and services (the words "products" and "services" may be used interchangeably herein) made available by participating suppliers.

Participating Suppliers

ARC has developed relationships with certain suppliers to make available products and services that populate the website. While there may be uniformity in the appearance of the ARC MarketPlace website, the products and services contained thereon/in are subject to different terms and conditions applicable to the respective supplier. As an example, one such term and condition is a low price guarantee offered by the supplier, Viator, for tours and or activities purchased through the Viator section of ARC MarketPlace that is not applicable in other areas of the ARC MarketPlace for passport and visa services, etc. It is the User's responsibility to note and agree to the different terms, rules, directives and conditions for the different ARC MarketPlace website suppliers that may change from time-to-time.

ARC MarketPlace is made available to travel agents, only. ARC is not offering to sell to any person, directly or indirectly any offering on ARC MarketPlace. Offerings on ARC MarketPlace are for travel agents to sell to their clients, only. Therefore, please include your valid travel agency information when prompted.


  1. Travel Professionals including but not limited to travel agents, carriers, hoteliers, suppliers but not consumers who are based in the U.S. or Canada can earn commission for the sale of products when purchased through ARC MarketPlace.
  2. ARC MarketPlace commission payments earned will be paid to the entity/travel agency associated with the ARC Number or ARC MarketPlace ID input at the time of purchase. It is the responsibility of the purchasing travel professional to input the correct ARC Number or ARC MarketPlace ID when purchasing through ARC MarketPlace in order to get paid commission.
  3. ARC MarketPlace commissions will only be paid to entities/travel agencies that provide current financial and contact information to ARC MarketPlace.
  4. Commission payment amounts vary by product type and are all paid in U.S. dollars. The information provided about commission payments and access to that information will vary based on commission payment method. Note: ARC is not responsible for exchange rates or conversion rates.
  5. The Volume-Based Bonus Commission Program is for ARC participating agents (fully-accredited and VTCs) only.
  6. In order to get paid the Volume-Based Bonus Commission, an entity/travel agency must be an active ARC participant in good standing through the end of the month following the quarter in which they earned commission. Note: the quarters follow the calendar year.
  7. Commission payouts on affiliate programs may require minimum thresholds to be met for commission to be paid.
  8. Commission payments may be paid via check, ARC Memo Manager (AMM) or direct deposit (e.g. ACH) for commissionable products, depending on factors outlined below. The User may choose a method of payment listed below depending on the User's status; however, ARC may require at its choosing a specified method of payment. ARC will only pay commissions to identifiable Users at a transaction level for each transaction.

    Commission Payment Methods:

    1. For ARC Participants- participants may have available one of the following two commission payment options: (1) via a credit memo in ARC Memo Manager or (2) via direct deposit to the participant's IAR bank account. Note: The default is a credit memo in ARC Memo Manager.
      1. Credit Memo (default commission payment method): Commissions are paid through AMM, monthly, via credit memos. Supporting information for commissions earned are contained within the AMM memo and participants can retrieve supporting information either through the AMM memo details screens or via AMM's export function.

        Once a decision has been made to accept the credit memo for payment into the IAR report, the IAR report must be submitted in the PED for which the memo was accepted. Failure to submit your IAR report as described above will result in a Late Reporting Compensatory Fee of $30.

        Users have 90 days from the time credit memos are loaded into ARC Memo Manager (AMM) to claim commission payments. After 90 days, credit memos in AMM will go inactive and the Agents commission payments are forfeited. Effective the 91st day, the credit memos will be closed and the agents' commission payments are forthwith forfeited.

      2. Direct Deposit (optional commission payment method): Each month commissions earned will be deposited into the same bank account used for regular ARC settlement services. To activate this option, click here and follow the instructions to request direct deposit. You will be required to provide the following pieces of information: ARC Number, First Name, Last Name, Title, Company Name,Phone and Email to receive detailed commission payment statements. (NOTE: Users that have received payments via AMM that are electing the Direct Deposit payment method will receive any outstanding credit memos added to the first Direct Deposit made to their account.)

    2. For Users based in the United States or a recognized U.S. territory but not ARC participants - commission will be paid via Direct Deposit.

      Direct Deposit: Commission payments will be directly deposited into the bank account provided to ARC.

      • In order to set up your bank account, an ARC MarketPlace ID needs to be established. Click here to register now.
      • User should provide ARC required information using the ARC MarketPlace Commission Payment Financial Information Form found in ARC MarketPlace Commissions.
      • Required information:
        1. ARC MarketPlace ID = unique identifying number representing your organization such as an IATA number, a CLIA number, etc. Click here to register now
        2. Company Name
        3. Company's Contact Name
        4. Address, city, state, and zip code
        5. Company phone number
        6. Bank name
        7. A valid U.S. based bank account number
        8. ABA/Routing number
        9. U.S. Federal (tax) ID or Social Security Number
        10. Valid e-mail address
    3. For Users based in Canada- commission will be paid via check in U.S. Dollars.

      Check in U.S. Dollars: The User will be paid on a monthly basis via paper check in U.S. Dollars.

      • User should provide ARC required information using the ARC MarketPlace Commission Payment Financial Information Form found on the ARC MarketPlace website.
      • The User must provide ARC with the following information so that payments may be paid each month that commission is earned. ARC must receive a valid mailing address to which a commission payment report will be sent supporting the monthly payment.
      • Required information:
        1. ARC MarketPlace ID = unique identifying number representing your organization such as an IATA number, a CLIA number, etc. Click here to register now
        2. Company Name
        3. Company's Contact Name
        4. Address, city, state, and zip code
        5. Company phone number
        6. Valid e-mail address
  9. ARC reserves the right to recall commissions due to exchanges, refunds, cancellations and any other unforeseen trip interruptions.
  10. User is responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes. Furthermore, if you reside outside the United States, taxes of any kind are your sole responsibility and commissions are always paid in U.S. dollars.
  11. Commissions, to include, but not limited to monthly and quarterly incentive/bonus payouts, are subject to change at any time.
  12. In order to facilitate commission payment, sellers must register their organization's contact and banking account information with ARC as detailed in letter P below. In addition to registration, all the information requested at the time of sale should be completed accurately in order for ARC to pay commissions due. It should be noted that ARC will treat each seller of a product as a separate entity, regardless of formal or informal affiliations with other organizations or companies. If your company's policy specifies that another organization or company be credited with the sale and resulting commissions, then the use of that company's or organization's identifier should be used in place of your company's.
  13. Users have 90 days from the time credit memos are loaded into ARC Memo Manager (AMM) to claim commission payments. After 90 days, credit memos in AMM will go inactive and the Agents commission payments are forfeited. Effective the 91st day, the credit memos will be closed and the agents' commission payments are forthwith forfeited.
  14. ARC MarketPlace users that get paid commission by paper check have 90 days to cash the check. After 90 days the check is void and another check will not be sent out and commissions earned will be forfeited.
  15. The User shall input where applicable the correct ARC Number or ARC MarketPlace ID, or ARC Number or ARC MarketPlace ID in the ARC MarketPlace Affiliate Program HTML code. Failure to input said identification shall result in the immediate forfeiture of any earned commissions.
  16. The User shall provide to ARC current (1) contact information, (2) bank account information including routing number, and (3) the User's Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number. Failure to provide such contact and financial information shall result in the immediate forfeiture of any earned commissions.

Intellectual Property Rights

All material contained on this Site, including information, images, text, documents, graphics, products, trademarks, trade names, icons, logos, sounds, software, screens, images and web pages ("the Content") are owned or licensed by ARC or others as indicated. You agree and acknowledge that the Content is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws, that these rights are valid, and that your use of the Content shall be governed by applicable copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Content may not otherwise be copied, displayed, distributed, downloaded, licensed, modified, published, reposted, reproduced, reused, sold, transmitted, used to create a derivative work or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes, except as provided in your agreement(s) with ARC and in these Terms of Service, without the express prior written permission of ARC or such third party which may own the Content. All rights not expressly granted in these Terms of Service are reserved to ARC. No other rights or licenses, whether express or implied, are conveyed or intended by these Terms of Service. Claims of copyright or trademark infringement should be referred to the address below.

ARC Corporate Communications Department
3000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201-3862

Links to Non-ARC Site(s)

This Site may contain links to third party sites that are controlled by parties other than ARC. You acknowledge and agree that such links are provided for your convenience only and that ARC is not responsible for and does not necessarily endorse the providers of any linked third-party site or the linked site itself. ARC makes no representations or warranties with respect to the linked site. Your access and use of any linked third party site is solely at your own risk. Third party sites may contain commissionable products that may be paid by the third party and ARC bears no responsibility for the payment of those commissions.


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Your Account and Information

You may be required to establish an account. If you use this site and establish an account, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and/or password and for restricting access to your computer, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and/or password. ARC reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content in its sole discretion. ARC reserves the right to use information you provide in your account for marketing purposes, including email and phone solicitations. You consent to receive communications from ARC electronically. ARC will communicate with you by email or by posting notices on this site. If you do not want your information shared, sold or otherwise disseminated, you should not create an account; however, should you choose not to provide certain information, you might not be able to take advantage of many of the sites features. Otherwise, ARC will use your information in accordance with ARC's Privacy Policy.

Obligations Regarding Security Generally

  1. All customer information and data are confidential and shall be maintained by User as confidential and shall be used in accordance with ARC's Privacy Policy. The User should not disclose customer related data, including but not limited to, credit card information, to anyone or share the information with anyone, other than those necessary to complete or effectuate the purchase of such product or service. Disclosure of the data or information by User to other persons may compromise control of access to financial and transactional data and nonpublic personal or financial data in the Service. The User accepts responsibility for the security and use of all data and information used in the Service as well as the utilization of the Service. The User shall immediately notify ARC, and participating suppliers if User believes that any information or data has been compromised.
  2. Users shall make every effort to ensure the privacy of data by viewing and storing the data and information accessed and derived from the Service only under secure conditions. For example, a User accessing the Service, should sign off or shutdown his or her computer when leaving for an extended time period during the day and when leaving at the end of the day.

Obligations Regarding ARC MarketPlace Data

  1. The data and information that may be accessed via the Service includes highly sensitive and confidential financial information and other transactional data relating to customers. Therefore, User should only allow individuals -- who have a bona fide business need to know and who are authorized to view such data -- with access to such information and data. All Users are hereby advised of the importance of maintaining the security and confidentiality of the information in the Service. You are required to advise ARC and participating suppliers whenever there is a security breach.
  2. You understand and acknowledge that the data and information that may be accessed from the Service includes highly sensitive and confidential financial information and other data relating to transactions.
  3. You acknowledge that the breach of any term contained in this Terms of Service may result in termination of your access to the Service.

Prohibited Uses Generally

  1. The User shall not copy, reproduce, duplicate, publish, disclose, distribute, or otherwise make available the data provided in the Service to any other person, third party or organization in any form or manner whatsoever without the prior written consent of ARC, unless such data is provided to a person who is an employee of the User's company, has been authorized by the User, and has a bona fide business need to know such information and data. However, this provision does not prohibit distribution of data and information to the customer for whom the product or service was issued or prohibit the exchange of data from the Service between ARC and participating suppliers, and the Travel Professional that sold the product. The User shall notify the participating suppliers and ARC promptly if the User learns that any data has been disclosed to any party not authorized pursuant to these Terms.
  2. The User shall not use any device, software, routine, or robotics that interferes with, or attempts to interfere with, the normal operation of the Service or that imposes an unreasonable load on ARC's computer equipment and servers.
  3. The User shall not attempt, by any means, to gain access to sales or transactional data, which the User is not legally entitled to access.
  4. The User shall not modify, create derivatives of, decompile, or reverse engineer this Service or take any action to interfere with ARC's proprietary rights in the Service.
  5. The User represents and warrants to ARC that it shall not use or display (directly or indirectly), the trademark, logo, or branding (including, without limitation, any misspelling or substantially similar version thereof) of ARC's Product Suppliers, in any manner whatsoever (including without limitation, in any search engine marketing or optimization, in any social media website/webpage, in any social media user account, in any domain name, any other online/offline marketing or advertising, press releases, etc.) without first obtaining prior written approval from ARC or the Product Supplier directly (a copy of which User must supply to ARC upon demand), which may be denied in ARC's or its Product Suppliers' sole discretion.

    Examples of trademarked terms that Product Suppliers have not licensed to ARC or User include, but are not limited to:


Termination or Suspension for Failure to Comply with Rules, Policies, Deadlines and Instructions

  1. ARC may update, revise or amend the Terms of Service or publish additional rules, policies, procedures, deadlines and other instructions concerning the access to and use of the Service at any time for any reason. The use of the Service after ARC has updated the Terms of Service and publications will be considered the User's acceptance of such update(s).
  2. ARC may suspend the Service at any time and may suspend User's access to the Service at any time, for any reason by giving written notice to the User.

No Use for Unlawful Purpose

You are required to comply with all applicable laws in connection with your use of the Service and all requirements and obligations contained in this Terms of Service and such other documents ARC may publish from time to time. As a condition of your access to and use of the Service, you agree that you will not use the Service or any data obtained from the Service for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by ARC's Agreements, Rules, Policies, and Instructions applicable to the Service.


ARC will use reasonable commercial efforts to keep the Service available on a 24-hour, seven-day-per-week basis, subject to necessary scheduled downtime for maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, and system outages.

Availability Subject to Interruption and Delay/Force Majeure

The User's access to the Service may be interrupted at times for maintenance, system outages, and other circumstances beyond ARC's control (e.g., viruses, etc.). In addition, the availability of the Service is subject to interruption and delay due to causes beyond ARC's reasonable control, including without limitation, delays by suppliers or vendors which are outside of ARC's control; acts of God, terrorism or a public enemy; acts of the United States or any state or political subdivision; fires, severe weather, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, explosions or other catastrophes; and labor strikes or slowdowns. ARC shall not be liable to User for any such interruption or delay.

Limitation of Liability & Indemnification

  1. ARC endeavors to provide accurate data; however, the data made available on Service are obtained from multiple sources. As such, data made available on the Service may be subject to omissions and errors in reporting, recording and processing. ARC expressly disclaims any and all warranties that the Service or the data and information contained therein may be suitable for a particular purpose or fit for a particular purpose. ARC provides no warranties of any kind with respect to the data, information, products or services provided to the User, or the User's customer via this Service or the ARC and/or other participating suppliers' websites. ARC shall in no way be liable to User, travel agent or any third party for any damages, costs or expenses, which may arise out of, or in any way be connected with any data furnished by ARC pursuant to this Agreement, including the manner or media in which the data is provided, whether or not such information or the data contained therein, for any reason whatsoever, is erroneous or incomplete, even if ARC is advised of such possibility. Further, ARC makes no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the Products offered (including, without limitation, warranties of fitness, merchantability, non-infringement, or any implied warranties arising out of the course of performance, dealing, or trade usage). Nor shall ARC be liable for any matter relating to the Products offered, including but not limited to, any unavailability or dissatisfaction with such Product offerings. In addition, ARC makes no representation that the operation of its website and/or other participating suppliers' websites will be uninterrupted or error-free and ARC shall not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.
  2. In no event shall ARC be liable for any indirect, special, punitive or consequential damages arising from the use or availability of this Service or the products or services herein referenced, even if ARC has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  3. User shall indemnify and hold harmless ARC, its shareholders, directors, officers, participating carriers, and employees from and against any and all liability, damages, costs, or expenses, arising out of, or in any way related to, the data and information provided pursuant to this Agreement, except to the extent such liability, damages, costs, or expenses were caused by the sole negligence of ARC. This indemnity obligation shall survive termination or expiration of this Agreement.

Financial Responsibility

User shall be financially responsible for any and all transactions for the sale of products via ARC MarketPlace despite whether the Merchant of Record is ARC or a supplier (this is dependent upon the type of product sold and the method used to complete that sale, i.e., a Miscellaneous Charge Order or e-commerce type sale with a supplier).

Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Venue

The Terms of Service shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia without regard to its choice of law principles regardless of whether you reside or transact business or view the MarketPlace in Virginia or elsewhere. User agrees that the venue and jurisdiction for any dispute arising out of, related to, or regarding this Agreement shall lie in the United States Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, or in Arlington County Circuit Court, Commonwealth of Virginia.

This ARC MarketPlace site is controlled and administered by ARC in the United States of America. ARC makes no representations that materials at the site are appropriate or available for use at locations outside the United States. If you access the site from locations outside of the United States, you are responsible for compliance with all local laws.

By using this site you agree that any and all disputes relating to, or arising from these Terms of Use or your access to, or use of this Site shall be resolved in accordance with the terms of your company's agreement with ARC or otherwise in the United States Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia or the state court in Arlington County, Virginia.


If any provision of this Terms of Service is invalid or unenforceable under any statute or rule of law, the provision is to that extent to be deemed omitted and the remaining provisions of this Terms of Service shall not be affected in any way.

No Waiver

ARC's failure or delay to enforce any provision of this Terms of Service or respond to any breach by you or others shall not operate or be construed as a waiver or prevent ARC from taking any permitted action to prevent further breaches.

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